How to avoid constipation this festive season

Constipation feels like you have an obstruction with some bowel movement or you have to strain 25% for a long call or its a pass hard or lumpy stools of bowel movements.
Constipation happens to different people for different reasons a large number of women suffer from constipation during pregnancy there’s also travelling constipation and now the constipation that occurs due to the type of food you take or eating more than enough.
During festive season people happen to hold so many parties, invite friends, have a good time, cook different delicious meals and you don’t wanna miss any of the meals prepared.

Here is how you can avoid constipation this festive season.

1.Drink a minimum of 3 ltrs water.
2.Eat smaller meals you can decide to do this regularly to allow your body absorb food.
3.Minimize on the fried foods.
4.Avoid going overboard on the sugar content.
5.Avoid late night dinners.
6.Exercise an hr every day best when done in the morning.

This is how you can know if you are constipating.
1.Bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass.Stool is often hard and dry.
2.Abdominal pain
4.Feeling as if one has not completely passed the bowel movement in every occasion.

How to handle constipation.

  • Grind ginger soak in warm water and drink.(home remedy).
  • You can also slice coriander leaves soak in warm water and drink(home remedy)
    Alternatively one can decide to sit/squat on the toilet for like 30 minutes to help the pelvic bowel movements.
    Can also prefer medication e.g ENO helps to relieve the gases

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